About the Westbury Group

The membership of the Westbury Group encompasses those philanthropic entities that are most vested and committed to enriching Jewish life in Europe and ensuring its long-term sustainable growth. Our members and collaborators support hundreds -of non-profit organizations and charities in over 40 countries that are offering a plethora of Jewish programmes, services and initiatives, thereby working to maintain a vibrant and intricate web of opportunities to engage in Jewish activities that spins across Europe.

The Westbury Group proactively connects its members with each other and facilitates unique international collaborations that can bring lasting change to the Jewish world. Going forward, the Westbury Group will increase its use of technology to help its members to interact and exchange information and support social enterprises in European Jewish communities.

The Westbury Group and its members share enthusiasm and commitment to:

  • Facilitating networking opportunities for talented non-profit professionals, leaders, philanthropists and activists
  • Harnessing the power of collaboration
  • Creating platforms for the exchange of information and best practice
  • Encouraging and supporting the development and implementation of innovative ideas and models
  • Strengthening creative grassroots initiatives as well as organizations providing vital services and serving as foundation blocks of communal life.


To meet the members of the Westbury Group, please visit Member Organizations.