Activist Spotlight

Olla Savchuk

Olla Savchuk is the co-founder of the volunteer youth initiative Shituf Peula. Her professional and academic interests include Environmental and Jewish Studies, and especially their conjunction. Currently, Olla is finishing her studies in the National University “Kiev-Mohyla Academy”. Moreover, she was a Fellow at Paideia - the European Jewish Institute in Sweden, which has been a source of great inspiration.

Alejandro Okret

Alejandro is the Senior Director of International Development of Moishe House, based out of our London office. He has experience living in different countries and working in diverse international organizations. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he grew up with a strong active background in the Jewish community. After studying Political Science at the University of Buenos Aires he fulfilled his dream and made Aliyah.

Michael Brodman

Michael was born in 1982 Israel, Grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, where his father was the Rabbi of a large, Jewish community. Encouraged from a young age to be kind and compassionate, Michael grew up with a strong desire to help Jewish people in need.

Taras Prokopenko

Taras (Easy) Prokopenko holds a Master of Law from the Belarusian State University. Currently he is studying at the Dnepropetrovsk Yeshiva via distance learning and attends Jewish culture and history lessons in his home Jewish Community in Gomel, Belarus. His thesis on Talmudic law received excellent marks and as a result is being used as part of a tutorial on Talmudic Studies.