Alejandro Okret

Alejandro is the Senior Director of International Development of Moishe House, based out of our London office. He has experience living in different countries and working in diverse international organizations. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he grew up with a strong active background in the Jewish community. After studying Political Science at the University of Buenos Aires he fulfilled his dream and made Aliyah. In Israel he spent some time on a kibbutz and then went on to obtain his BA in Political Science from the Hebrew University. He was also part of a team set up by the Knesset to research Israel’s role during the military dictatorship in Argentina. After serving in the spokesperson’s office of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Alejandro worked in the Jewish Agency’s Missions Department. He continued his academic career by pursuing an MSc. in Comparative Social Policy at the University of Oxford. Alejandro recently finished serving as the JDC Ralph I.Goldman Fellow 2010-2011, which included time living and working in Minsk, Kiev and Budapest.

Organization Background:

Moishe House is an international non-profit organization with 46 houses in 14 countries that aims to provide meaningful Jewish experiences for young adults around the world by supporting leaders in their 20's as they create vibrant home-based Jewish communities through peer-to-peer interactions. Since its founding in 2006, Moishe House has become an essential component in serving the post-college young adult Jewish population, by providing opportunities for community involvement, Jewish learning and leadership.

Moishe House Europe is a new entity that works to build a strong European programme, offering young adults the possibility to express themselves Jewishly in an environment uniquely created by them. At its core stands the importance of a network of houses that become hubs and incubators for the current and future generations of Jews involved in community life. With a strong emphasis in Eastern Europe and the FSU, the new entity aims to become a tool of inspiration and engagement for thousands of young Jewish adults in their 20’s. Moishe House Europe operates out of the JHub in London, which provides residency, organisational development and support to Jewish Social Action charities.

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