Going East


I recently returned from one of the most captivating experiences I have ever been through. 

My most recent travels and adventures with Moishe House took me to the heart of Siberia and China.  I visited our Houses in Khabarovsk and Beijing.  The goal was to spend time with the residents living in these Houses, meet their peers, learn from them and strengthen Moishe House’s commitment towards young adults building strong Jewish communities.

I was blown away by the magic in these two places, though very different from each other, I found them at the same time to be very similar.  Both Houses strive in their own ways and thrive with one goal in common: to offer a space for young adults to engage, participate and grow.

The visit to Beijing had a value added aspect; I participated in and witnessed the first Limmud ever celebrated in China.  The residents of Moishe House were among the organisers of the event and the House became the “operations room” of Limmud China for the week preceding the conference, before we headed to the Great Wall for the actual event.

Residents keep amazing me, enlightening me and filling me with renewed energy.  I am a very fortunate person who gets to meet committed young Jews all over the world, who are invested in creating communities for their peers.


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