Dalia Golda

Almost 30 years ago, in a small city of Romania, the newest member of family Golda was born and her name was Dalia. Born into a traditional family, Dalia grew up in a small but active Jewish community. When she was Bat Mitzva, the community had 20 youngsters, half of which were the same age as Dalia. By the time her sister, 5 years younger than her, was Bat Mitzva, there were only 5 youngsters left.

From early on Dalia was attracted to the Jewish way of life and traditions so when it was time to decide where to go to university, Bucharest was the only choice for her: a big and active community. Once she arrived in Bucharest she became very active in the Jewish youth organization and within a year she was chosen as its President. She started to be very involved in organizing camps and seminars, in training madrichim (youth leaders). She soon went on to become the director of the newly formed JCC. During this period Dalia realized that in order for this community to have a future it was necessary to create a formal educational environment open to everybody. For this reason she created the Gan Eden Kindergarten in 2009.

Organizational Background:

The Jewish Community of Romania has a long existing tradition of early childhood Jewish education. Before the Holocaust one could find educational frameworks that taught small children in the Jewish spirit in all major cities in Romania. After the Holocaust the small number of kids that survived heard stories about the former “Golden Age” from their grand-parents during Talmud Torah classes.

For several years a growing number of local Jews are interested in leading a Jewish life and more Israelis move to Bucharest. Dalia created the Gan Eden kindergarten to be a place where Jewish tradition, innovation, education and Jewish spirit come to life in a well-balanced combination of fun and the professionalism. It has became a place dedicated to quality as well as a human touch. These values are necessary to create the perfect place to affect the future of Jewish life in Bucharest at affordable prices for the entire Jewish community.

Gan Eden is a traditional Jewish kindergarten where children benefit from quality education while discovering their Jewish identity. Here Jewish values are formed and reinforced. Hebrew language is an important part of the kindergarten’s curriculum. Most of all the gan plays an integral and active part in the life of the Jewish Community of Bucharest and works with all other communal bodies to create together a common future.

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