Meir Lisserman

Meir Lisserman considers himself a social entrepreneur. Together with his wife Polina he runs German’s first Jewish grassroots student organization called “Jewish Experience”. He is passionate about helping young Jews to learn more about and personally experience Judaism.

Born in the former FSU Meir’s family immigrated to Germany where grew up. Meir speaks fluent Russian, German and English, holds a Masters degree in Business Informatics and works as a research associate for a renowned US research company that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice to global leaders in business and technology. Meir is a proud father of 2 children and resides with his family in Frankfurt where he helps his fellows to make Jewishness a tangible part of their everyday life.

Organisational Background:

The brand “Jewish Experience” stands for young fresh spirit and quality programming. Our position is unique in that it is the first time in Germany that a grassroots, volunteer driven organisation, is recognised and supported by the local Jewish community but operates with all the energy and freshness of independent minds. Different from typical top-down hierarchical Jewish community structures in Germany, the program of J-Exp is based on the needs of the young generation. We let the members and participants be part of our vision from the beginning and allow ambitious people to assume Jewish leadership efforts. We offer a range of programs for both the newly affiliated and the deeply committed. Young men and women at J-Exp are building the future while also having a lot of fun. With a clear vision and desire to develop and expand our reach we truly believe that this model will find its activists and supporters throughout Germany to help the Jewish community blossom again and shine with radiance of pride.