Olla Savchuk

Olla Savchuk is the co-founder of the volunteer youth initiative Shituf Peula. Her professional and academic interests include Environmental and Jewish Studies, and especially their conjunction. Currently, Olla is finishing her studies in the National University “Kiev-Mohyla Academy”. Moreover, she was a Fellow at Paideia - the European Jewish Institute in Sweden, which has been a source of great inspiration.

As a young professional Olla has several different experiences: as an informal educator running inter-ethnic and Jewish projects for teenagers and youth (for the last 5 years); as an archivist of rare old Jewish books (for the last 1,5 years); and as a Jewish genealogical researcher (for the last 2 years).

Olla is volunteering in various international and local ecological, inter-ethnic and Jewish projects.



Organizational background

Shituf Peula was conceived in the vibrant learning atmosphere at the European Jewish Institute Paideia by Anna Litovskaya and Olla Savchuk. Shituf Peula, a   Jewish volunteer youth initiative is aimed at developing partnerships between young Jews and Ukrainian Jewish Communities around voluntarism.

The three main goals of Shituf Peula include community building, Jewish learning and strengthening a spirit of activism. In the first stage of the project fellows attended a 2-day seminar about volunteering. Positive feedback resulted in the establishment of Shituf Peula as a grassroots organization and a week-long volunteering youth camp.Currently, the project work revolves around networking, communication with other communities and content development.

The project was strengthened through a grant and Capacity Building Workshop in Kiev from the Westbury Group.