Matzo Ball Soup


Plenty of people, who are completely assimilated, who don't even consider themselves to be Jewish- turn to Matzah!

It usually starts several months before Pesach, right before Purim, when people start coming to the Synagogue and ask "that we add them down to the list"- a list for Matzah. The Communist regime has fallen, but Matzah is still a product of concern. That's why we make a special list, rent a car, and travel 700 km to Moscow to buy Matzah for people who need it.

And plenty of people of different ages come to ask for matzah. When I am interested to hear their reasons why they need it, the most frequent response is "Well, I don't even know, but my granny made such tasty Matzo ball soup with it!"

People do not remember their tradition or the mitzvoth, don't know anything about our Jewish history and Jewish way of life, yet their only link to Judaism: their Granny's matzo ball soup.


Hi all) i am ready to share a nice matzo ball soup recipe =) feel free to request at =) have a nice week!

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