An electric dryer is simple and easy to install right out of the box. The two most common appliances to do this include a hair dryer and a clothes dryer. to make it dry fast | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 3: The dryer may not be as energy efficient as a separate dryer and cost more to run 4: The dryer is unlikely to be as sophisticated as a dedicated dryer 5: You have to wait until a load has dried before being able to wash another load. In the US, it means an appliance that uses heat and a spinning bin to remove moisture from clothes and other fabrics. dryer (def. Dryer definition is - something that extracts or absorbs moisture. dryer synonyms, dryer pronunciation, dryer translation, English dictionary definition of dryer. Learn more. Drier and dryer are a set of English homophones that represent different parts of speech. Dryer is a noun. Dryer definition, a machine, appliance, or apparatus for removing moisture, as by forced ventilation or heat: hair dryer; clothes dryer. Antonyms for drier. If you don’t think you will be able to remember this, here is a helpful trick for dryer vs. drier. Rating 4.50404 out of 5 (4040) £10.67. Learn more. How to use dryer in a sentence. 4 synonyms for drier: desiccant, drying agent, siccative, dryer. When the washing machine stopped, Henry took the clothes out and put them in the dryer. In both British and American English, the spelling drier is preferred for the comparative adjective and dryer for the noun. –, Think of this grape as a riesling’s austere cousin – perfumed and spicy, but much drier that its German pal. That second possibility is what happened with drier and dryer. LG DLEX7600WE 27" Electric Dryer with 7.3 cu. 2 : a substance that accelerates drying (as of oils, paints, and printing inks) 3 usually dryer : a device for drying. The dryer’s power, whether it’s gas or electric, could be to blame for the lack of heat. Laundry emergency! To put tumble dryers to the test, we wash the maximum loads of cotton and synthetic sheets, towels, and shirts in a standard washing machine using our own tumble-dryer testing setting. The distinction crept into the language … But which is the best option, a condenser dryer or a vented dryer? Theresa doubted very much that her husband had remembered to put their clothes in the dryer. "I need to buy a new hair dryer, the old got broken." … You can remember that drier is an adjective since both drier and adjective contain the letter I. This is because there were not yet standardized rules for spelling. Instructions: Fill in the blank with the correct word, either drier or dryer. –. –. The washer dies, yet the dryer soldiers on. Thermostats regulate the … The dryer simply pulls in fresh room temperature air and the drum turns and tosses your clothes to help them "fluff-up." My boots became much drier after I left them by the fireplace for a few hours. Glamor or Glamour – What’s the Difference? Variant of drier1. In this article, I will compare drier vs. dryer. When to use dryer: A dryer is a machine that dries something. Most dryer ducts are round and 4 inches in diameter. You may also wonder why it was once acceptable to use either spelling and now it’s not. To answer the first question, in the past it was much more common for one word to have many variations in spelling. How to use dryer in a sentence. You cannot mix them up. Although these words are homonyms, and both relate to the word dry, they have separate meanings. Add to wishlist. When to use drier: Drier is a comparative adjective that means more dry, or in other words, with less water. While the listener must rely solely on context to tell these words apart, in written English, readers have a letter spelling difference to guide them on the word to choose. Hard-top bonnet dryers: If you plan on using a hard-top dryer for heat styling, Santiago says the process is pretty self-explanatory. An electric dryer requires higher voltage because it’s using electricity to create the heat and power the drum, control panel and light, hence the larger plug and higher voltage outlet. 1). Modern clothes dryers, in conjunction with washers, have made doing a load of laundry a much easier task to accomplish. Patented SmartDry™ AI Tech dynamically controls heat output and fan speed for best-in-class protection, keeping your hair healthy and shiny. ft. Capacity, in White 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 #21. “The carpet is drier over there, where my dog was not drooling on it,” said Elora. Now, let’s go over a few ways you can use these words in your sentences. One of the benefits of a desiccant air dryer over a refrigerated dryer is that it can operate at a consistently low dew point. Filter. “This merlot is deliciously tangy, but I gravitate toward much drier reds,” Giovanni said. The drier air is run through the loop again. Synonyms for drier in Free Thesaurus. Suction line dryers are typically designed to be installed and after the clean up removed because the pressure drop and trash recirculating throughout the system. As nouns the difference between dryer and drier is that dryer is a household appliance that removes the water from clothing by accelerating evaporation, usually though heat and a tumbling motion while drier is one who, or that which, dries; a desiccative. An electric hair dryer. ft. Smart White Electric Vented Dryer with Sensor Dry Forget pulling still-damp loads from the Forget pulling still-damp loads from the dryer with Sensor Dry, the dryer can detect moisture and automatically adjust drying time for loads of all sizes saving energy with less wear and tear on clothes. ... blow drier, blow dryer, hair drier, hair dryer, hand blower - a hand-held electric blower that can blow warm air onto the hair; used for styling hair.