There are so many things to do in Seoul and neighboring cities and provinces. Spring in South Korea? In a four-season country like Korea, you can enjoy the beauty of cherry blossom. You might be wrong if you think that you can find a better spot than this to experience the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring in Korea. Busan (and surrounding areas – Jinhae and Gyeongju) – end of March to be… This almost a hundred-hectare man-made lake park offers its visitors a place where their eyes and also their hearts are satisfied. The Ultimate Jeju Island Guide – 12 Things... 9 Step Photo Guide to Korean Buses with... 24 Wonderful Ways to Experience Hoi An, Vietnam. Spring brings beauty into every corner with numerous blossomed flowers. But every place must have a different bloom date, some are faster, some are slower. As far as temperature goes, spring saves us from the bone chilling cold of winter. I know its a stupid question but Ive never been to South Korea during spring time and I live in UK so we have no spring!! An added bonus is that it is one of the quieter venues for cherry blossom admirers and photographers. Jinhae Cherry … Subscribe below so you don't miss an update! The flowers are fickle so check with the Korean tourism organization for the exact dates this year! The rest of the weekend is spent listening to music, watching demonstrations, eating delicious Korean street food, and drinking makgeolli (Korean rice wine) and beer. If you enjoyed reading please click the buttons at the bottom (mobile) or left and share the post on social media. It makes you feel more than you could imagine. South Korea is well-known for its cherry blossom festivals, but that isn’t the only popular activity to do in the spring season. Pepper Peak – One of Eklutna Lake’s best... Rickshaw Run – Driving through Konya Wildlife Reserve, 17 of the Most Unusual Foods From Around the World. However, with frigid winters and stifling summers sandwiching this season, one might miss the opportunity to take advantage of the short-lived but beautiful springtime weather. I haven’t seen cherry blossoms in Japan so I don’t know how busy it gets there but it can get crowded in South Korea too. Get ready to be amazed, as the surroundings turn from dull to colorful, and as the gloomy winter mood becomes bright and sunny. If you go be sure to enjoy some traditional soup, rice wines and other delicious snacks from the dozens of white tents you’ll find at this festival! We prefer to skip the crowds and enjoy everything Busan has to offer in the warmer spring months. You can find the best of winter in Korea and best of fall in Korea on my site too! Unlike other touristy spots like Yeouido Hangang Park, it’s not crowded. 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Now that the temperature is rising, time to lessen those heavy winter jackets, flaunt those fancy dresses and witness the leaves grow and flowers bloom. Spring brings beauty into every corner with numerous blossomed flowers. Since Busan is on the coast, it becomes a popular summer destination and attracts local and foreign tourists to it’s crowded beaches. All Rights Reserved. The trails follow rivers and weave through green forests. So be sure to put the cup up to your mouth and drink in these bugs when you visit South Korea. If you want an alternative to the famous (and famously jam-packed) Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival, why not consider Jindo? Wear a ‘hanbok’ (Korean traditional attire) and you can enter Gyeongbokgung Palace for free. If you know any other places to enjoy spring in Korea comment below so I can add them to the list! Last year I was living in Seoul and joined in on the Jindo Sea-Parting Festival, which would continue on to the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival. The good news about heading here in the winter is that there are far fewer hikers on the trails which means you have all the snowy views to yourself! The hike isn’t too strenuous but will take you at least an hour or 2 round trip. Seoul’s National Cemetery should be high on your list for cherry blossom viewing. If you are fond of watching Korean dramas, lovers riding the bike together is a popular scene, especially along Han River. We prefer to visit Korea’s second largest city during the spring. The Korean calendar is divided into four seasons, each starting a few weeks earlier than its Western counterpart. Here, in South Korea ‘cherry’ flower is the most important or I should say center of spring. This is a treat for those who love to spend and cherish those cherry blossoms in spring in Korea. Not only does it have rides for all ages, it entertains its visitors with glamorous parades and colorful gardens filled with tulips and other flowers. Spring in Korea lasts from the end of March to mid-April. Save this story for later. Spring in South Korea. But suddenly in March I could notice the first signs of spring… South Korea Asian Beauty The Good Place Korean Stylish Spring Amazing Flowers Plants.