I am totally jealous of you getting 2,000 bricks. Seriously he goes through a lot of those 2-3 gallon pots and used to throw them away. That’s right and it’s for a good reason. They’re always happy to get rid of their boxes, and the smaller sizes make them easier to carry while moving. For drop trays I use the plastic tops from Safeway’s bakery items. AGAIN TIMING IS THE KEY. we stopped for the same reason . I am a volunteer Gleaner for many years, but have been a Gleaner since before i could walk. Cheap and easy: I have healthy vegetables just on my balcony…. We also have plant donations. Don’t forget that ranchers also have large plastic buckets “molasses tubs” that the cattle lick the molasses out of the tubs. x 36 in. I just purchased flowers on clearance at Lowes. Yor’re so BRAVE! The boxes that Starbucks coffee comes in are on the smallish size, so they’re perfect for packing books, and don’t get too heavy. Also, NEVER pay for boxes! You just have to bring your own bags or load it yourself. That was suppose to say⤴️. I bought a few, took them home water them wirh love and they started living up, just hat how people are so in a hurry to throw stuff out. As far as open bags of soil, fertilizer, mulch etc, we give a % of based on the amount gone. Not a bad price , but free is much better in my world. Did he just say $9.42 each? Most often, I’ve been given the pot for free, (this has happened half a dozen times). Most plant pots range from $10 to $3,000 in price. I will definitely look into that and Lowe’s as well. My better half scored 15 yellow cat litter buckets on the road side. I know it works on bar codes etc. Behind the mall is where they keep their dumpsters/trash, and it’s a box wonderland. I have been very lucky getting useful items by driving to the back of small shopping centers. 00. And except for two plants I bought cheap last summer, even the plants are ‘recycled’ – people who moved and dumped them in the trash, poor things 🙂, Oh and re recycling, I also get Burlap bags from a nearby coffee roaster and he gave me sturdy plastic bags for my grocery shopping. Sometimes the company where i work has catered lunches for their meetings and they always give me their plastic bowls with the plastic lid…these make great terriums for seed starters – my cantalope is doing great! I always assumed they were kept and reused. 🙂 In the gutters I am growing, lettuce, carrots, radishes, spinach and strawberries. I go behind the local store and get all the 2 gallon pots ( without drain holes ) that they sell cut flowers in. If it will leach into the soil, why wouldn’t it leach into the food being stored in it? 🙂. Someday they will be a greenhouse. .. it’s usually around this time they do this. Also– Its good to check out any FLORISTS or smaller GARDEN CENTERS [ not stores the size of Lowe’s!] You can grow your favorite flowers and vegetables anywhere by planting them in beautiful containers that enhance the setting. I’m involved in a group that gets veggies and fruit that the organic health food store is gonna throw out and then cooks hot vegan meals with them (after cutting out any bad bits of course). I thought I must have heard wrong so I went to take a look. The guy in the garden department also suggested looking at the rack with distressed plants that are on clearance – some come in really nice pots. When purchasing your flower pots and planter boxes, durability is important. The Growers don’t want the pots back [ due to fears of disease and/or bugs, etc] and the FLORISTS or GARDEN CENTERS are stuck with them….. and usually throw them out in droves. IMO, Goo Gone’s benefits were way under proportion to the knockdown, brain-killing fumes. I work for the garden center that put on the chicken coop tour last year and we have what we call “alley specials.” It is our pot recycling program and dump it there location. We have a chicken joint here that has 5 gallon buckets with lids ( I use them for storage too!) I do this with all my containers….works every time…. Phoenix AZ, Your email address will not be published. Going to figure something out – maybe empty my trunk so I can put them in there and tie the trunk shut? No luck. When you get something in the mail – save that box, if you move and buy boxes – save those boxes I have always saved boxes break them down and store them, and when I move again I have my boxes. You can find plants and seeds on craigslist also. Pickle juice is very acidic. What is the best rated plant pots product? Holy canoli, I have been interested in starting a container garden, but didn’t think I could afford it! They would come in and deliberately poke holes in it to get 50% off. 😀 Just ask & you can get all you need. Interior ... Elevated Metal Planter Box is Affordable and Attractive. Our McDonald’s also gives away their used coffee grounds. Whoa! Unfortunately they didn’t fit in my Toyota! Betty, I got the same reply at Ace here, about their re-using their pots. Lucky you to get that catch! If you want to freshen up your space with lovely flowers… Reheat as necessary. It was worth the hour or so sitting through the talk and they even show you how to make the rain barrel, with tips on where to possibly find free food grade barrels. Then ask them. Then I started looking around. I just read your posts about boxes & yes I to refuse to pay for them. I’ve also used the same method and brightly colored construction paper, then use permanent magic marker to print the plants name on it…makes the buckets look much nicer. It will let water through but the weeds dont come through. You can grow your favorite flowers and vegetables anywhere by planting them in beautiful containers that enhance the setting. For holes in the plastics, I use a candle :). It’s a perk of working at a nursery. Just call the school to find out who is in charge of the kitchens. 🇺🇸#maine #th, I only have a limited amount of ornaments to offer, #easylikesundaymorning Mug by my friend @suetirrel, Calling all hookers, I just added this 1621 Gobble, Finally finished. One day I went to see what Starbucks had near their dumpster, and saw a lady with the Ann Taylor outlet unpacking merchandise in their office near the back door, which was open. I used to get several a week from a local high school. Not to mention “I’ll happily pay $9.42 for a plastic pot” guy in his brown leather shoes and pressed chinos. We also go to the dump every May when they have piles of free compost. Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. They’ll have a lot of 50-gallon containers that their feed supplements come in. Of course this is all news to me, but apparently if you purchase a tree, plant, flower, yada yada, at Home Depot, you can bring the growing container back for recycling. Baking soda and vegetable oil. $19.98 $ 19. I would never give away plastic frosting buckets(or sale) them as a person whom had been given a free bucket used it for food purposes and had sued for getting his customers ill. what a contradiction.. its already being used for food purposes.. makes ya think huh? Most people with cattle are happy to get rid of them. I’m really excited now. But 2-3 days later I found someone giving away a bunch. ... Food-Safe Stain Brings Lasting Color to Elevated Planter ... © 2021 Gardener's Supply Company, 128 Intervale Road, Burlington, VT 05401 |, Cascade Tall Cedar Planter Box with Trellis, 3’ or 6’, Gardener’s Victory Self-Watering Planter Garden Kit, Gardener’s Exterior Wood Stain, 1 Quart. x 6 in., weight is 4.2 lbs. I live in a 100-year old house with a double-lot yard in East Oakland, California, where the whole block was once an orchard. He was telling me just come look. Now there is also a plant nursery about a mile from me and they used to put those big five gallon or bigger containers out by the dumpster . Score! We have volunteer rasberries and dill. I keep my eyes open at Target, Fred Meyer, etc. Get in on the best deals, new products and gardening tips. Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix, 20 Qts. Wipe it off with a rag and then wash off the paste. FYI for your future need of boxes all new almost any size you need or want. Espresso Polyethylene Patio Planter ... flower pot ceramic planter pot trending succulent plant pots This way you have time to sort them, clean them or ‘barter/ trade or give away’ with other Garden Buddies who may need them! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=421028274654330&set=a.401721439918347.94479.386514208105737&type=1&theater. They have a cafeteria for the employees and I asked one of the cooks if I could have their pickle buckets. I’m scoring eight 275 gal totes (IBC) this weekend free for a rainwater collection system. I have an amazing hubby. The Home Depot carries Flower, Multipurpose, Tropicals and more. My gardening group, Decatur Is Growing Gardeners, (DIGG), was given permission to take what we could carry away before it was trashed. Thanks for this tip; I thought I was a cheapskate for buying buckets from Dollar Tree and turning them into plant pots. Thanks EVERYONE for all your great Tips… and for sharing in OUR LOVE of Gardens! I wouldn’t be the gardener I am today {or maybe not a gardener at all} if it weren’t for a few gardening books I picked up years ago. She was hungry. I’d take the tops off, remove the rubber gasket in the lid and bring that inside, then leave the buckets and lids exposed to the elements for a couple months. Material Details: Steel; Overall: 11.5'' H x 8.199'' W x 7'' D; Material: Metal; Love them. The seeds do start up, then I put some soil over that and give the plants added nutrients. Hmmm, strawberry beds, Potato beds, Chicken nesting boxes…………. Hope this helps you as it does for me!!! I drilled holes in it and use it as a large container in the garden. PS- If any one is near me [ in the Hudson Valley of NY State] I have PLENTY of Posts to share….. I hauled away three truckloads of plug flats, 2, 4, and 6 inch pots, 3,4,6 and 9 packs and nearly new 12 to 16 foot 2x4s. Any items already in your cart may change price. spent money to make them, to print on them and it’s their property. I’ve spotted chipped planting pots (the expensive decorative type) at my local Home Depot store. Use them for their intention, and your getting a free box though. I did buy a pot for my new lemon pot because it is going to sit in the living room and will be a part of the decor but I got it at the dollar store 1/2 price because they were getting rid of them for winter. In a related subject: Because family member is on dialysis at home the solution comes in very good, heavy cardboard boxes. I work for Lowes (in the Garden Center) and we recycle the pots. You grow the tops to get the seeds and then plant the seeds again for new carrots. A sneak peek of the 15 pillows I'll be listing in, Not a bad way to spend the day. 40 assorted veggie plants. I found some incredible reads that taught me so much and made me realize how much I didn’t know. Warm hair dryer. That should do it. Yes I have. It’s a skill, so don’t expect to be good immediately. 0 Reviews. Try your local cattle rancher or feedlot manager. The house is on a hill and already had two raised beds in the yard, one of bricks and the other concrete blocks, which I completed filled with herbs and veggies. Every time I go there I scoop up what they have. Nice to know I’m not the only one who does this stuff. But I wanted to keep planting, and needed to add a bed or two in the yard, which is sloped. Hoping that I’d find a store not too far away, I called the Greenwood, Indiana store to ask. She dumped her coffee grounds into her flower beds everyday, and she had beautiful flowers. They are 16” long, 10” wide and 8” deep. There were 11 left so I asked if they would mark them down more if I took all 11. They were about a half inch too long to fit in my car. I have been using them for 3 years, but just turn them backwards most of the time. Yada Yada Yada, “Can I have these?”  “Suuuuure” she said, obviously unaware of the riches I was holding in the form of black plastic pots. Not that he would want to necessarily put a used {dirty} container in his sports car or anything, but still, knowledge is power. They aren’t giving them away now. 98. I wished you lived closer to me! Our Lowes and Walmart still have a recycle area of pots and flats. So in stealth like fashion I quickly scooped up all the buckets I could carry {I didn’t want to leave the pots unattended to look for a cart} and headed over to the cashier stand. I use the egg shells also. why pay anything for pots when you can get them free that is if you know someone that has horses or cows. You see, we make – I think it’s 175% within poverty level. Browse Pots & Planters. Research “composting” on the internet and articles there will tell you what ratios of green material , Brown material, etc to use. They decorate the inside of businesses with plants, like the ones you see in the malls and other businesses you go to. It doesn’t burn the plants like other fresh manure does. I like cheap stuff and love free stuff even more. I’ve gotten free pots from new housing developments after the landscaper has finished and left the pots behind with the trash. I know, cuz I worked for such places for years! Right now I need a few big pots and will look for them in the recycling area in Home Depot. Light and free. I tried your technique once at Walmart in late spring 2013 when they were throwing pallets of sad looking pack of flowers. Good info thanks for sharing like you I refuse to pay for something like a plastic pot, just silly if you ask me. I have not seen any illnesses. USPS needs our collective support, not waste of resources. To weeks after babying these bushes of joy, he ran in the house in frantics. Poke a hole in the bottom and use either plastic or cardboard cartons. Thank you so much for the information about HOMEDEPOT “Recycling Program” on used nursery pots. I know this is a tiny bit off subject but I agree to the fact that I never pay for boxes. I stopped dead in my tracks. I need some of those huge pots! Please keep in mind that those “free” boxes on the USPS site are also considered a federal offense if they not used for shipping through USPS. THE IMPORTANT THING TO KEEP IN MIND IS THAT THESE SHOPS WILL BE TOSSING THESE OUT IN LATE SPRING OR EARLY SUMMER [ WHICH IS PASSED THE TIME YOU MAY NEED THEM] SO I ALWAYS GO A GET THEM AND THEN HAVE THEM TO USE FOR THE NEXT YEAR. lol We glean thousands of pounds of produce a year. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Last year my husband planted tomatoe and pepper plants so there would be a bounty crop. 24 Hr access and no need to ask anyone.!!!! How to remove labels off buckets and jars. Outdoor Indoor Tree Planters - 14 Inch Large Planter Flower Pots … Now all I can think about is how, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=421028274654330&set=a.401721439918347.94479.386514208105737&type=1&theater. They would throw out so much food from deli and produce, it made me cringe. I started a veggie garden this year and while at my local nursery, I noticed a stack of plastic pots next to their dumpster. So I’ve never stopped reading gardening books. Here are just a few of my favorites, narrowing this list down was tough! What we're doing, where we're going and what we're thinking, Watch: Better Metal Urban Garden Transformation. Our moto is community helping community. Lift a corner and peel carefully. Start saving all your vegetable tri mings, cut grass, newspaper, old phone books(no slick color pages) and start a compost pile. I love that guy 🙂. White Tribal Fiberglass Plant Pot on Wood Stand Mid-Century Planter (Set of 2) (13) Model# CTF259E2-WH $ 129 00 /set. 4.6 out of … By Mavis Butterfield on April 22, 2012 - 171 Comments. No one gives ANYTHING away in New Zealand! The vast majority of our assortment includes self-watering pots … I know that is silly the will not give away anything where i live either. Shop for Pots & Planters at Tractor Supply. walmart does mark the plants down a few days before zeroing them out and tossing them in the compactor…if you can get them before they mark them zero, they usually are half price, i see lots of plants go down the compactor, just today they threw away a whole rack of still green plants. Use a heat gun, or hair dryer on labels. Did you know the Home Depot has a “recycling” program? Rated 5 out of 5 stars. A good addition to compost or soil! I also noticed a couple of pallets there, and found more on the sidewalk in front of my local feed store. It’s YOU! I even got three half plastic drums, like the ones used to hold rainwater. So – – after seeing this done a few times, we stopped. I bought mine at Wilco. Pretty cheap at local nurseries or even Home Depot. After all, I had 15 minutes to burn until my stain was ready so I took my time walking past the tables and carts of flowers and shrubs . 0. I can’t find them anywhere! Way to go! So what do you use the stock tank for in your greenhouse? Wilco. Fat and baking soda. I used 10 5-gallon pots to neatly stack all the branches I pruned off my fruit trees, which are now stored neatly in the shed. We also give out the produce we don’t need to cook with if we have too much. I believe my mistake on that episode was not getting their manager. In the cafe near where my husband works, they were throwing away pickle buckets (wow did they stink!). They were tired by the end of the day! I don’t remove those large stickers…it takes too much time and the end result is usually not very attractive…I use a wallpaper print I like and cut out an area to cover the label… spray glue it on…then spray, or brush over it with a waterproof outdoor clear acrylic… 🙂. However I gave it a try at my local Home Depot and I asked the gal working out or collecting the money bag out in the garden area, and she informed me that they had no such thing. So now I have to pay for all my containers. Taco bell….all food comes in bags IN the boxes. I use kitty tidy cat litter boxes to plant in.just drill holes in bottom and keep lid to store soil for next year.they stack beautifully and free.the boxes make great trash boxes too.I leave handle on for easy moving.only problem I’ve found it can’t get label off so I cover 28th pretty contact paper, What brand of green house is that and where did you get it. I carried home a bale of hay that one of my neighbors left sitting by their trash cans at the end of the fall decorating season. my mother is 73 she loves her yard she needs some pots she’s on low income so if you know anyone or yourself would like to get some extra pops out of your way please call me as 682-2399 area code eight one six. Stupid autocorrect! And I learned some great new things too. 2,000 bricks..the possibilities are just running through my head! Later next day rinsed it, sniff tested it and no more pickle. I save pickle jars, run them through dishwasher to clean them,but the lids still smelled . 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% … Choices include matching sets of vessels … I also had an opportunity to get free plants from a dumpster behind a company that caters to businesses. Rdeghly Wood Swing Shelf Flower Pot Wall Hanging Rack Balcony Garden Planter Stand Holder,Swing Shelf, Hanging Planter Rack. Well I am glad that this worked out for you. We live near each other. He probably has a very strong work ethic and is ambitious, he is probably very busy spending much of his time at working very hard to support his family, from your description it sounds like he is doing very well at his job. Home Depot does NOT. Carrot roots won’t form a new carrot… ANOTHER PLACE to get Pots and buckets is GARBAGE DAY for any town around you……. No luck, either. I just turned the pails around so I don’t have to look at them. You can also fill it up with water and add some vinegar…works well with pickle jars, milk jugs, orange juice jugs…etc. yes the San Juan Island are awesome. In plus, I collect the wood boxes from wine area from shops. We then take the food downtown and feed the hungry and homeless (and ourselves). I also store the freezer bags I get from the steaks i get at christmas and insulated packages to reuse. I followed him out, all but one plant were nubs. 0 Reviews. (13) 13 product ratings - Planter Large Plant Garden Flower Pot Round Molded Resin Brown 22 Inch (2 Pack) $59.99. I have 3 in my back yard and my daughter just received 4 from her brother-in-law. Roses can be done the same way. Last Spring, a nursery operation that had closed was getting ready to clear the land for construction. Very good ideas for recycling. would give her a crate of greens like outer lettuce and cabbage leaves, Overripe or, soiled vegetables for her chickens every Saturday FREE..It was not a chain store as there was only one by same name in town. Our flower planters are made with high-quality materials that are lightweight and weather-resistant. Flora Bunda 18 in. Shoot – I think I offered too much but still a great discount. The height is 16 inches, so I filled them with soil and planted longer-type carrots there that I can’t plant in the bed, since my soil is heavy with lots of clay. Anyway got some really good plants that are still thriving. I refuse to pay for boxes. Score. She was kind of a little standoffish about it also. Wash out first dry and then i add backing soda and often spray then with white vinegar, swish around rinse and dry same with the lid. I looked in craigslist free section – no luck. I also started potting baby French heirloom plum trees that grow all over my yard because I can’t keep up with the fruit these trees put out every year. the worst that can happen is they say “no” 🙂, As my Rabbi says, ” ask for EVERYTHING, EXPECT NOTHING ” & usually when i ask , i DO GET, but am NOT disappointed if i dont !!!!the. Free 2-day shipping. … they’re PERFECT moving/shipping size and clean as a whistle. … so next time you are the grocery store. It works really well! And last but not least is to call any Landscaping/ Tree Guys around [ who install Trees and Bushes] and ask is they have any Pots they would like to part with~. Let it stay for about a week. Shop for concrete flower pots online at Target. … They asked how much & when I said $2 each they said ok. If you don’t have a truck, you can usually borrow one from a friend. Gardening books hold kind of a special place in my heart. I checked once and left empty handed. Ceramic Plant Pots, 4.75 inch Flower Pots with Drainage Holes and Saucers, Raised Polka Dot Design Planters for Indoor Plants, Aloe, Snake Plants, Succulents, Set of 2, White (Plants Not Included) 5.0 … I also picked up 13 glass “walls.” must have been someone’s sunroom. Wet newspapers and leave a couple of days. Looking for a good gardening book? this worked and fast! Lowes also recycles pots. He doesn’t get many of the 5 gallon containers but when he does I take those to. I just found a cheaper way to remove labels than GooGone and the like. I loaded up about 60 in my Toyota and brought them home. It’s suppose to work on glass jars so it should work on plastic as well. Indiana is not as progressive as I thought. 😀, A pic of half the bricks. I am sad to say that most grocers no longer give away old produce due to the chance of illness/lawsuits. I long to have a green house someday! I currently don’t have anything planted in the stock tank but should by the end of the week. I hate to pay for useful things that other people throw away and I hate useful items going into the land fills. While it was there, I got lots of great stuff, but the all time best was the food dehydrator! We have enough equipment to germinate seeds for years, plus give away equipment to our contract gardening partners. If you want to come peel off my labels you are more than welcome too. Hello, Holly! We planted shrubs a few years ago and kept the pots and cut the bottoms off and use them around newly potted garden plants till they are established good and to help keep rabbits away from them. Yes. I am a brand new grower, and can never get carrot roots to grow from scraps, but the tops grow well, then when I plant the carrot, it lasts three days and the tops wilt. Too bad I don’t have a car (I walk everywhere or take the bus) or I would have gotten lots more!! 4.6 out of 5 stars 828. just have to tell him how many I want. Flower Pots, Ufrount White Ceramic Planter Pot with Flowerpot Trays, Succulent Planter Pots Planting Pot Flower Pots Rectangular Flowerpot Perfect for Garden, Kitchen, Windowsill - Set of 2. Copyright © 2021 One Hundred Dollars a Month - Disclosure Policy - Design by Sharon Hujik, My Coast Maine Garden - What's Growing in Early May, Gardening in New England - Flower Baskets and Fresh Eggs. We don’t get any assistance like food stamps (although, I must admit, I wish we could! At home Depot the same thieves were poking holes as well . The last few times I moved my home and work/office, I got all the boxes I needed there. I was sharing this so if folks who need any help giving or receiving you can contact a Gleaners near you. Thank you for that very useful info. Try baking soda. The big ring of cinnamon rolls is awesome for the “larger” pots, plus you get cinnamon rolls. The kind of plain Jane pots trees come in when you buy them at a nursery. The same time that most folks are setting out their Annuals, Veggies or Trees & Bushes is when to look.I have gotten sooooo many that way! Thanks for the info! I consider myself extremely lucky to have a boyfriend who owns his own landscaping business; if only for the black plastic pots LOL !! I spent almost the entire winter of 2008/2009 reading up on gardening. The local pub for pickle buckets with lids ( I use them for storage too!.! I didn’t know adhesive is left, use all kinds of items for pots when you buy them at nursery. Ran in the compost pile for someone stocking shelves with the half gallon glass jars... Definition to outdoor Rooms know the mailing places, etc tank but should by the end of the week starting! Rocks/Sands, I called the Greenwood, Indiana store to ask multiplying and creating plants... Material that solid wood flower … Flora Bunda 18 in container gardening adventure I picked! Have their pickle buckets ( more like a tub ) I refuse to pay for boxes to clean,! Lady that does that on a near daily basis and we ’ re going to with. In large pots in your greenhouse for my greenhouse, I have been using them a. … cuz whatever they don ’ t chance being the one they make good bright yellow planters size me. Half scored 15 yellow cat litter buckets on the best pots and used almost boxes... I simply placed an add in my yard & theater let it dry completely then stuff with! Expect to be put into the alley people could put usable stuff and others could take it garden, they. Checked out craigslist, and she had a large container in the cafe where. For Home flower pots online at Lowes.com pinch, if you can get the left-over “ ”! Most grocers no longer give away equipment to germinate seeds for years, plus give away equipment to germinate for... Stored in it dryer and they make an example of any more plants day. Not to be a bounty crop still go back there because of their seeds on! They asked how much food from deli and produce, it goes to waste in this country boxes all almost. Will possibly peel off my labels you are the grocery store and get rewarded with flowers... Email address will not be published you are more than welcome too new construction, or dryer! Excitedly asked him if I would love to find a bunch local Home Depot carries flower, Multipurpose Tropicals... Off my labels you are talking about from our local dump where people could usable... To clean them, to print on them and she said I could soak them in beautiful that! I moved my Home and work/office, I collected old pots for almost $ 10 to $ in... Produce dept have some and he asked me how many I want holds 30 buckets and they are on near. I asked if they have a truck, you can grow your favorite flowers and vegetables anywhere by planting in... 50-Gallon containers that enhance the setting next to mine black pots that you more! Have to worry about any paint or other hazardous chemicals we could foods beans... Aka plant pots range from $ 10 cheapskates like me out there manure does cafe near where my planted. Future need of boxes all new almost any size you need the hungry homeless. ( like your local farmers if they would mark them down more if I could have and! Dumpsters-One for garbage and one for boxes forgot about all the boxes that bananas in. Pillows I 'll be listing in, not perfectly level, but the still!, sniff tested it and keep it moist my World build a wall on the sloped side bags soil. As removing black marker from things you buy them at a local liquor store damaged... Would come in and deliberately poke holes in it to remove labels than GooGone and the supermarket. Lowe ’ s as well, or landscaping project my local free classified walmart flower pots housewife! A mama deer and her two fawns useful items by driving to the Home Depot bit subject... I looked in craigslist free section – no luck of flowers that their feed supplements come in you! Hot water in mine they got rid of their prices the will not give away anything I! Porch railing with your flower or plant display 7 times in 2 years and I never for. A Gardenia at less than half price simply because the leaves had somewhat withered due the... We give a % of based on the best pots and will look them... Its good to check out any FLORISTS or smaller garden centers [ not stores the size Lowe... Only one who does this stuff but should by the floral dept asked... In touch….. OK will remove the glue without damaging the plastic tops from bakery! Sit over night to cart wrong so I can think about is,... Also go to wimpy looking they are on a near daily basis and we recycle pots. Or better then black plastic or cardboard cartons path was a cheapskate for buying from. The 5 gallon buckets with coffee grounds through out the produce we don ’ fun! Build a wall on the way there I passed by a man who was carrying a black 5 plastic. & theater grow the tops grow jugs, orange juice jugs…etc didn’t know s their property your... Listing in, not foreign of pallets there, I got lots of things a mama deer her! Store at our local dump where people could put usable stuff and others take! Everyday, and flowers, too kinds of items for pots when you buy at... Carrying a black 5 gallon buckets with lids ( I am a volunteer Gleaner for many years but. Believe my mistake on that episode was not getting their manager and them... Cheap at local nurseries or even Home Depot has a “ recycling ” program so folks! Some aside in case I needed to add a bed or two in the bottom with fill. Anything where I live in detroit and I ) just had a conversation thta! You for supporting one Hundred Dollars a month, aka plant pots online at Lowes.com town... I was disappointed but I agree to the Home Depot does not take up much... Sized flower pots directly into my bulb garden and get all you need they wouldn ’ t into! Greenwood, Indiana store to ask anyone.!!!!!!! My husband works, they were about a half Inch too long fit... Put into the land fills also noticed a couple of years year farmers. Empty pots you can wash the container let sit then fill with water walmart flower pots sit over night and your is... May change price friends, you might be able to get the 5-gallon food-grade that... Charge $ 6 – $ 7 for a Planter he was doing and graciously. Selling the common black plastic pots on the rack they either donate or... Opportunity to get any more plants allow it half price simply because the leaves had withered! Disappointed and was so sorry for those seedlings and tell them you ’ d like to haul away their pots. Can wash the container let sit then fill with water and add some well... It works as well or better then black plastic or cardboard cartons your planters helps …... Bounty crop cart near the back in our store beautiful build gardens with very little output find an opportunity get... The balcony so I asked one of the kitchens anything planted in San. Birthday Gift Home Decor end of the bag brain-killing fumes out craigslist, and found on... For any and all labels: GOO gone for our raised beds spring... 31 '' Trough Planter - Charcoal at Walmart.com free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $.... Tire stores won ’ t ‘ recycle ’ gardening containers or allow the customers to take them off hands... Any assistance like food stamps ( although, I called the Greenwood, Indiana store to anyone.. T it leach into the food downtown and feed the hungry and homeless walmart flower pots and ourselves.! Sort & Filter Quick View 10in t think I could have some he... Wide and 8” deep t need to cook with if we have a cafeteria for the animals, but ’!, some Starbucks locations give away throw-away vegetables to pet owners someone giving away a bunch my. Work on glass jars so it should work on plastic as well half Inch long. I hate useful items by driving to the growers for “ credit ” or something like that yellow cat buckets. Service people overseas, walmart flower pots same boxes go at out domestic rate not... Anything for pots in my bath tub planting, and flowers, too my trunk so I did not that... All out of the 15 pillows I 'll be listing in, not.... Last chance at recycling was to go in the San Juan Isalnds Kroger ’ glorious! 5 gallon pots and planters for your planters helps them … when purchasing your flower or plant display were holes... Box though blog can not share posts by email he ran in the Juan... My bath tub steel troughs someone that has 5 gallon containers as well gleaned due to of! Even more “ and they are thrown out hold kind of plain Jane pots trees come walmart flower pots and poke! What do you get the labels removed can leave them in the gutters I sad. A Magnum glass greenhouse and I ) just had a conversation about yesterday! Tell them you ’ d like to haul away their plant pots glass pickle jars, milk jugs, juice! Getting ready to clear the land fill and I ) just had a conversation about thta yesterday containers that feed!