Second Survey of European Jewish Leaders and Opinion Formers (2011)

Inclusiveness, Continuity & Tensions: Latest Results from the European Jewish Leaders' Survey 2011:

What are the major threats to the future of Jewish life in Europe?
How open are Jewish communities to differing views on Israel?
Is the economic crisis in Europe creating financial strains on Jewish communities?
What are the real views regarding inclusion of children from mixed marriages in communities?
Are denominational tensions between the Orthodox and non-Orthodox expected to grow?

Answers to these questions are analyzed within the Second Survey of European Jewish Leaders and Opinion Formers, conducted during the second half of 2011 by the JDC International Centre for Community Development, a research center based in Oxford, UK. The survey polled 328 leaders from 32 countries, among them Jewish organization executives, current and former directors of communities, rabbis from all denominations, school principles and educators, writers, editors and publishers, academics, intellectuals and recognized opinion-formers.


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