Westbury European Initiatives

The Westbury European Initiatives strive to support activism, build organizational capacity, and showcase some of the wonderful activities taking place in Jewish communities around Europe. Each year the Westbury Group identifies a number of exciting grassroots organizations that are operating in emerging Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Through the Westbury European Initiatives, selected organizations will be publically recognized and showcased for their excellence, creativity, innovation and ability to achieve meaningful change in their communities and offered support for their work. The top 3-5 most impressive organizations will receive a Westbury Innovation Grant of up to €20,000. A small number of additional organizations will receive Westbury Recognition Grants of €1,000. Throughout the 12 month grant term recipient organizations will also receive mentoring and capacity building from the Westbury Group.

Westbury Innovation Grants are awards of up to $25,000 for one year for organizations in which we identify excellence, creativity, innovation and ability to achieve meaningful change in their communities.

Westbury Recognition Grants are small awards of ~ $1,000 to grass roots organizations that are doing very good work for which they should be recognized, yet the Westbury Group does not feel that a larger grant would have the same significant impact.

All grantees, regardless of type of grant awarded, will be highlighted on the Westbury Group’s website and will receive capacity building and training during their one-year grant-term.

Please read the Guidelines for Applicants carefully in order to decide if your organization is eligible to apply for funding. If you decide to submit a proposal, please use these guidelines to ensure you complete the form correctly. If you unsure about how to answer any of the questions in the application form or the supporting documents required, please do contact us with any questions ahead of the deadline. You may also want to look at some of the resources on this site, which may be helpful as yo prepare your proposal.

If you would like to be notified about upcoming grant cycles, please fill sign up for our mailing list and join our Facebook and Twitter communities.