Guidelines For Applicants

Please read the following guidelines carefully before applying for a  grant. 

  • Applicants must be registered charities or non-profit organizations in a European country, or operating under the aegis of a local, legally incorporated community body or organization. Proof of the charitable status of the organization that will be receiving funds, should a grant be approved, must be submitted along with the application. Organizations without charitable status can apply only if a registered charity is willing to accept funds on its behalf.


  • The Westbury European Initiatives aim to strengthen Jewish life in Europe by supporting smaller organizations and initiatives that are grassroots funded and led, rather than established bodies with significant annual budgets, strong support from the local Jewish community and links with state institutions. Applying organizations must involve and benefit European Jews. European projects or departments of international organizations will not be considered for funding.


  • Grant amounts will be between $1,000 and ~ $25,000. Grants will be made to support and invigorate grassroots efforts with an annual overall operating budget of no more than $110,000. Grants from the Westbury Group are intended to strengthen the infrastructure and core activities of smaller organizations, rather than supporting short-term projects. Therefore, organizations with a larger annual budget are not eligible to apply, even if the project budget for which they are seeking funding is less than $110,000.


  • Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate an ability to increase the impact of grants awarded by the Westbury Group by raising matching funds.


Only applications in English can be accepted. However, we recognize that English may not be your organization’s language of operation and will take this into account when assessing proposals. If you have any questions about the application process or Letter of Intent, please contact us. The Deadline for the submission of Letters of Intent is January 16th, 2014.