Lech Lecha

Grant Awarded: 
Belarus (Minsk)
Areas of activity: 
20’s and 30’s,

Established in 1997, Lech Lecha is the only Zionist religious youth organization in Minsk, which prioritizes the needs of youth and young people, while also introducing their families to a Jewish lifestyle. Its activities are centred on Jewish education and the provision of services to support those seeking to practice Judaism in the celebration of Jewish festivals, life cycle events and Shabbat.

In its Sunday School Lech Lecha provides Jewish education and creates a Jewish learning environment for children, youth and young adults. The Sunday School caters to 40-50 children between the ages of 3-14. It offers traditional Jewish learning and teaches subjects such as art, IT, journalism and theatre in a practical, workshop-style studio environment. Alongside the Sunday School the organization also operates a Sunday kindergarten. For youth, students and adults, Lech Lecha offers the STARS programme as well as the Yeshivat Lech Lecha, an ongoing in-depth Jewish text and religion study programme or men as well as a learning and discussion club for women.

Lech Lecha offers ongoing programmes and meals on Shabbat and Jewish festivals to encourage its members to celebrate Shabbat in a traditional way. In addition, weekend shabbatonim are organized. The organization also offers services to mark Jewish life cycle events.

Capacity building project: 

Lech Lecha is run by a very energetic young team, that who are dedicating their life to the organization with great commitment, warmth and enthusiasm. The organization has remained independent, yet works in collaboration with other Jewish organizations in and outside of Belarus. It manages to touch the life of its young members positively, draw them into Jewish life and keep them involved.

Number of employees:

3 full-time,
12 part-time