The Union of Jewish Education and Culture (JUBUK e.V.)

Grant Awarded: 
Germany (Essen)
Areas of activity: 
20’s and 30’s,

JUBUK, was one of the first grassroots organizations in Germany, run by young volunteers, to provide Jewish educational and cultural activities in order to strengthen the Jewish identity and prevent the assimilation of the Jews across Germany. JUBUK’S leaders are rooted in the emerging community of young, Russian-speaking Jewish community and are familiar with the problems and needs of Jewish youth and young adults in Germany. Tailored to those needs, the organization’s activities are inclusive and place a strong emphasis on the cultural side of Jewish life. This approach allows Jewish young people from all religious denominations as well as non-Halachic Jews to take part in its programmes. In 2012 some 1,000 young Jews attended JUBUK’s activities and 100 people took part in intensive seminars.

JUBUK targets Birthright alumni and runs several seminars each year to sustain the connection between Birthright graduates and Israel and strengthen their connection to Jewish culture and tradition. A new project, Listen and Act, targets activist in the Rhein Ruhr metropolitan area with the aim of improving communication and cooperation between Jewish grassroots initiatives. The Rhein Ruhr metropolitan area combines a group of large cities in the West of Germany. With 11million inhabitants it is one of the densest populated regions in Europe, including some 40,000 registered members of Jewish communities. This makes the region home to about 25% of Germany’s Jewish population including some of the largest Jewish communities in Germany. The majority of the Jewish population immigrated to Germany from the FSU in the last 20 years. Today the young Russian-speaking Jews in this region have a Jewish identity yet little experience with Jewish or community life. In addition, many come from mixed families and as non-Halachic Jews are unable to become members of official Jewish communities. Through the Listen and Act project JUBUK intends to develop a group of Jewish leaders and peer educators who will serve as role models and strengthen the Jewish community.

Capacity building project: 

JUBUK is a fresh and young grassroots initiative. It has a wide geographic spread across Germany and is inclusive towards non-Halachic Jews. JUBUK has managed to attract many very engaged and talented young professionals with various degrees of Jewish practice. The lose structure of JUBUK and emphasis on networking has also allowed members to initiative their own projects such as the Jewish Business Angels network which operates largely on Facebook. JUBUK has also forged some interesting collaborations with non-Jewish Germany youth movements. Moreover, the Rhein Ruhr metropolitan area region in which it operates in is a challenging one because it suffers from insufficient provisions especially for young Jews. It is certainly an exciting organization worthy of support.

Number of employees:

1 part-time