Beit Kraków

Grant Awarded: 
Poland (Kraków)
Areas of activity: 
20’s and 30’s,

Beit Kraków was set up in 2009 as a liberal community, in order to contribute to rebuilding meaningful Jewish life in Poland with a strong emphasis on culture and arts. Beit Kraków is committed to bringing creativity spiritual growth and a sense of community to those Jews who seek a meaningful egalitarian Jewish life in the contemporary Poland. It offers progressive Jewish egalitarian religious services in Krakow as well as cultural programming for those who want to connect to their Jewish heritage through art.

The work of Beit Kraków has from the outset focused on offering pluralist religious services and inspiring new Jewish culture in Poland. As it does not have its own premises, Beit Kraków runs its regular Shabbat and Holiday services as well as a growing number of events and programmes in  various locations in the Krakow Jewish Quarter such as the Galicia Jewish Museum, JCC Krakow,  Czulent Students Association, Shalom Art Gallery, etc.

Over the past four years, Beit Kraków held over 600 events which included the establishment of the first post-Holocaust Jewish theatre in Poland, which develops and commissions only new plays, and provides a systematic in-depth study programme of Jewish sources. The Jewish theatre targets Jewish artists interested in creating modern Jewish art in Poland and works to raise their level of Jewish literacy. Its Midrash Lab is based on an innovative approach to Jewish education which provides participants and opportunity for in-depth study of Jewish sources, while facilitating a dynamic engagement with Jewish texts. It also serves as a community building tool, where members learn, create and bond together.

Beit Kraków have also produced their own illustrated Siddur and established the New Jewish Music Festival, an alternative festival that offers traditional and modern alternatives to Klezmer music.

Capacity building project: 

The leadership of Beit Kraków is dynamic and impressive and the organization’s approach of investing in Jewish literacy through art and culture as well as community development is a model to follow. The fact that Beit Kraków manages to collaborate with a broad range of local organizations and have good relationships with other religious communities adds credibility to the organization.

Number of employees:

1 full-time