Haver Serbia

Grant Awarded: 
Serbia (Belgrade)
Areas of activity: 
20’s and 30’s,

Inspired and mentored by Haver Budapest, Haver Serbia was established in January 2013 with the aims of fostering inter-cultural dialog among Serbian Jews and non-Jews and developing the skills of young Serbian Jews to run tolerance-building informal education courses. Haver Serbia will work to introduce the local non-Jewish population to Jewish culture, history and tradition while also contributing to efforts to build a more democratic and diverse society in Serbia and improve peaceful coexistence among its citizens.

Haver Serbija plans to develop a range of educational resources and programmes about Jewish culture, Jewish identity, the Holocaust and anti-Semitism for high school pupils, university students and teachers which will confront prejudices, misconceptions and discrimination and increase levels of understanding and  tolerance. These will include guidelines for the teaching of Judaism and materials on diversity education designed to facilitate dialogue and sharing of experiences about religion and culture. Haver Serbia will recruit young Serbian Jews as volunteers and offer them training and skills to run educational workshops for educational seminars about Judaism for non-Jewish school children and teachers. Jewish youth in Serbia is mostly assimilated and many young Jews are not attracted by the activities of the Jewish community. Only few Jewish communal initiatives target the non-Jewish population. By providing young Jews the capacity and knowledge to run educational seminars about Judaism, Haver Serbia will also educate them about their culture, traditions and history.  Moreover, the engagement in tolerance-building and outreach work with non-Jewish populations may draw young Jews towards Jewish life in a more active form.

In its first year of operation, Haver Serbis plans to develop promotional tools such as a webpage, Facebook page and other materials. It also intends to run educational activities within the Jewish community which will promote the organization and help it to build partnerships with other NGO's. It will also develop educational activities and materials and volunteers trainings.

Capacity building project: 

Haver Serbia is being set up by young Jewish activists who already piloted their activities prior to the establishment of the organization. For the small Jewish community of Serbia public and informal education about Judaism and Jewish history is important and can contribute to better inter-communal relations. Nowadays many young around the globe Jews discover their Jewish values and background by contributing to wider society, and this can therefore be a useful model for reaching out to unaffiliated young Serbian Jews.

Number of employees:

1 full-time,
1 part-time