Lech Lecha

Grant Awarded: 
Belarus (Minsk)
Areas of activity: 
20’s and 30’s,

Lech Lecha is the only Zionist religious youth organization in Minsk, which prioritizes the needs of youth and young people, while also serving all ages, from children to grandparents. In its flagship Sunday School Lech Lecha provides Jewish education and creates a Jewish learning environment for children, youth and young adults. It also introducing the pupils’ families to a Jewish life style.

The Sunday School caters to 40-50 children between the ages of 3-14. It offers traditional Jewish learning and teaches subjects such as art, IT, journalism and theatre in a practical, workshop-style studio environment. The Sunday School often takes students on field trips to the theatre and circus. All Jewish holidays are celebrated at the Sunday School with programmes available for all ages. Today many alumni of Lech Lecha who grew up in the Sunday School have become leaders of the revival of Jewish life in Minsk, and have started to pass on their knowledge to a new generation of children and their families.

Capacity building project: 

Lech Lecha effectively teaches different children, youth and young adults about Jewish traditions, the Torah and observing the mitzvoth. It would like to develop a designated class for parents that will teach Jewish traditions, Halacha {Jewish religious law], Jewish education, Jewish philosophy and art to 15-20 parents and grandparents. In addition, Lech Lecha is planning to launch a youth club for 55 participants aged 16-30 about Halacha, Kashrut, History and Jewish religious texts.

Children are taught about Judaism and Jewish life from early childhood through to adulthood. This makes the programmes effective and comprehensive. Moreover, Lech Lecha offers a context and educational environment for entire families, as parents and grandparents learn from their children about Judaism. The Jewish education inspires graduates to take responsibility for Jewish life in the city.

Number of employees:

3 full-time,
12 part-time